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After a busy day at work, it is a pleasant thing to take a bath in the comfortable bathtub. A great bathroom can not only add highlights to the entire home design, but also bring a wonderful mood to people. The bathroom renovation is a relatively complicated part of the entire house renovation. The main reason is that there are many components in the bathroom, such as toilets, bathtubs, vanities, fixtures, etc. These components require 100% waterproof and are usually related to plumbing and electrical works.

There are three points in the bathroom renovation that require special attention. First, all materials, including drywall and paint must be 100% waterproof. Because the bathroom is a place for bathing and daily washing, the entire room is relatively humid. Non-waterproof materials are prone to mold if exposed to a humid environment for a long time, which will not only cause safety hazards, but also affect human health. Second, it is recommended to use 100% waterproof vinyl or porcelain tiles on the floor. If tiles are applicable, non-slip tiles with rough surfaces should be selected. The surface of ordinary tiles becomes very slippery when they are wetted with water. There is a danger of falling after bathing, especially for the elderly and children. Thirdly, bathroom renovation is often accompanied by plumbing and electrical works. Professional plumbers and electricians can help avoid dangerous situations such as water and electricity leakage in the future.

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